Music Therapy in Action!

FrontPagePhotoRose, a 69-year old woman, suffered from stroke three weeks ago and has been treated at a local hospital. She has been exhibiting non-fluent aphasia, which troubled her to express her needs to others even with a short functional sentence like  “I’m tired.” Upon her discharge from the hospital, her family contacted me to provide music therapy for her speech recovery. I treated her with a technique to facilitate Ellen’s voluntary speech by adding a melodic intonation to a short functional sentence that mimics the natural inflection of speech pattern.  When I had Rose repeatedly practice the sentence, “I’m tired.”  adding rhythm and melody that mirror the sentence pattern, she was clearly able to say, “I’m tired.” after awhile!  Now, she is regaining more voluntary speech skills to express her needs to her family.


Board certified music therapists are trained to use the elements of music to enable meaningful therapeutic outcomes. Trained music therapists understand the effect of music processing at neurological levels, which can lead to positive behavioral changes. Music therapy is a unique yet effective therapy treatment carried out by professional practitioners.

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